Golden Rice (Cambodia) Co. Ltd. takes part in the official launching of the Federation of Cambodian Rice Exporters (FCRE)

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Golden Rice (Cambodia) takes part in the official launching of the Federation of Cambodian Rice Exporters (FCRE)

The Federation of Cambodian Rice Exporters (FCRE) was officially launched on the 15th of December, 2012. The ceremony was presided over by H.E CHAM Prasidh, Cambodia Commerce Minister. FCRE’s president Oknha KIM Savuth declared that the vision of the Federation is to “Create and maintain a strong presence of Cambodian Rice in the International Marketplace”. Mr. David SOK, Vice President of Golden Rice Cambodia and the Secretary General of FCRE, took this opportunity to present the mission, roles, and responsibility of the FCRE.

David SOK said that the federation is here to address the key challenges affecting Cambodian rice in the international market, to facilitate rice export procedure by cooperating with related government entities to achieve low export cost while simultaneously simplifying export legal formality and to provide and educate members with global rice market information and market trends and outlook.

Besides the official inauguration of the FCRE, a round table was held involving the stakeholders from the government (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of Commerce, Supreme National Economics Council, Phnom Penh Port, etc. and the private sector (major rice millers and exporters, banks, and shipping lines). Mr. Hach SOK, President & CEO of Golden Rice Cambodia got involved in the round table.

According to Mr. Hach SOK, overall the Cambodian rice export industry has been improving in many different areas including the bureaucratic document system, the ability to assess to credit with lower interest rates, and the facilitation from government stakeholders but there is still some progress to be made.

The FCRE will help to expand Cambodian rice exports and to work relentlessly on the continuous improvement of Cambodian rice sector.