World Trade Organization Visits Golden Rice (Cambodia) Co. Ltd.

Monday, 15 October 2012

In mid-October, a group of donors from World Bank, International Finance Corporation, Cambodia’s Ministry of Commerce and the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) visited Golden Rice Cambodia, one of the country’s modern rice milling factories, to observe how the country’s rice industry had been developing.

The visitation of the donor group which was led by Dorothy Tembo, WTO’s EIF executive director, was part of a US$ 1-million grant for rice development project from which Cambodia has recently received to develop its milling rice industry and strengthen the country’s exporting capacity.

The grant is one of three EIF programs with a total budget of US$3.4 million over three years. The other areas include the development of the high-value sector in Cambodia and human resource development at the Ministry of commerce.

“The grant will help Cambodian rice exporters increase their production standards and gain the knowledge needed to assess international markets,” Soun Prasith, EIF program manager, said during the visit.