Cambodian Jasmine rice is “World’s Best Rice” award for 2012

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Cambodia won the “World’s Best Rice” award for 2012 at this year’s World Rice Conference in Bali, Indonesia. The meeting, one of the industry’s major events, gathered more than 400 delegates from more than 40 rice-exporting countries. Three samples of Cambodian rice were provided by Cambodian Exporters and submitted for competition: two premier fragrant varieties and one premier white variety. Rice experts and chefs looked at texture, shape, flavor and aroma.

The winning entry was the Cambodian Jasmine rice, Grade A, 100% unbroken from GOLDEN RICE (CAMBODIA), a leading rice miller and exporter. Thai rice, which won the award in 2010, took the second and third places. Last year, Myanmar’s rice was deemed the world’s best.